Terra Vita is the fifth planet in the Origin System.

Terra Vita is a very bio diverse world, and is home to many different species of fauna and flora. There are large regions of forest in the northern hemisphere, and plains dominate the equator regions. The south is covered in half by jungle, and half by mountains.

This biodiversity made an ideal and comfortable home for many alien species- humans included. The planet is home to approximately 30 million humans, along with a combined population of 60 million Ferovians and Artorians. This combination of races has led to many scientific and engineering breakthroughs since the Origin System was colonized. Due to the large amount of forests on Terra Vita, there are some major lumber Projects for the system in place on the planet.

The planet’s Governor in Chief is the Exalted Francoise Mortier, a genhanced human that has been in charge of the planet for 126 years.

The planets major cities are Archus Major and Cardus Rex. The inhabitants of Terra Vita pride themselves on their architecture, and the major cities are great examples of this, troves of architectural wonders that the inhabitants are a little too shy to share...

Archus MajorEdit

Fantasy Future Megacity 017466

Archus Major, a major city on Terra Vita.

Archus Major is a large city in the lower south eastern quadrant of Terra Vita.

Archus Major was originally the biggest space port on the World, but after the newer and better positioned Cardus Rex was built, it became redundant as the capital city for Terra Vita. However, Archus Major still holds the Main council and governmental factions on Terra Vita, and so in 110 AE the Capital Designation was split between Cardus Rex and Archus Major.

Tarvias Deep resided in a superhab here, but after the Battle Of Terra Vita it was destroyed.

Francoise Mortier's council chambers are here.