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The Terran Alliance is a major political and military power based out of the Sol Galaxy which acts to further humanity's galactic presence and influence. It is a Socialist group with no established currency, based on the works of Karl Marx. It is primarily responsible for the defence of the Sol Galaxy and other human colonies which obey the laws of the Terran Alliance as detailed in the Prime Codex.

Oath of AlleiganceEdit

As recited by all Terran Alliance citizens

"I Swear, by the detailings of the Prime Codex, by the honor of the Founders, by the respect I show in my daily life to my friends, family and fellow citizens, to uphold to the best of my abilities the social expectations and duties detailed in the Prime Codex, to recognize my role in the greater workings of society, and to understand how my contributions affect those around me. I pledge allegiance to my race, to my planet and to the Alliance which protects them"